The founder

In order to help companies succeed in reaching their development milestones, Brigitte Le Borgne founded in 2017 the consulting brand Lily-Perf.

For that purpose, she surrounded herself with carefully selected, complementary expertise, and networks specialized in supporting development.


Our value proposition

  • Create trust-based relationships
  • Analyze your current challenges
  • Draw on your strengths
  • Guide you to foreign markets
  • Assess performance
  • Lead to optimal cash performance
  • Put your company into motion
  • Review the execution of your plan
  • Create a trust-driven ecosystem


The IBG Global Network

Lily-Perf joined the IBG Global network in 2018, as Senior Partner France, upon observing we shared a common DNA with the other 22 Senior Partners.

IBG Global is an association of private commercial consulting firms with offices and staff in 53 countries, founded in the year 2000.