• We wish, first and foremost, to make you stronger to face the challenges to come, and to make you proud of the progress you have made.

  • We believe in coherence, trust, and commitment. We are confident they are the pillars of a superior and more sustainable performance.



  • We enlight your choices, guide you in their implementation, and enhance the mobilization of your teams to working with you, so that your company may successfully reach its next development milestones.

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Our core values, our drivers, are coherence, trust, and engagement:

Coherence between the strategy established by the governance bodies and its operational execution. More generally, coherence between words and deeds is a driver of your teams’ commitment.

Similarly, being true to your word drives the trust of your company’s partners in your company, and in you. Trust is the only way to develop a strong relationship.

Finally, studies have proven that the teams’ engagement, any company’s scarcest resource, is a key driver of its performance.

LILY-PERF IS AIMED at companies of any industry that are experiencing or are preparing for the following milestones:

  • Hyper-growth
  • Going international
  • Prolification or reorganization of far away establishments
  • Integrating an acquisition, a merger, or a spin-off
  • Launching a strategic partnership (JV, distribution, etc.)
  • Diversification

  • Handing over
  • Opening-up the capital
  • LBO
  • Going public

  • Vertical integration, concentration of players
  • Technological disruption, accelerated obsolescence
  • Uberisation, competition from new entrants
  • New trends in demand (societal factors, low running costs, impact of reputation)


It is also aimed at companies seeking solutions to improve their cash performance. 

Our goal: to bring you the tools to develop in an optimized, sustainable, and smoother way.


Our operational experience has led us to firmly believe that step-by-step transformation is the only way to develop and sustain your know-how, the pillar of your growth.

Our way is to identify and treat sustainably what seizes up your organization, while enhancing your strengths, which are a pillar of your development.

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