Brigitte Le Borgne

In 2017, Brigitte Le Borgne founded the consulting brand Lily-Perf, in order to help companies suceed in reaching their development milestones.

As such, she operates in three different domains:

  • Strategy execution,
  • Cash performance,
  • Going international. 


For that purpose, she has joined the advisory network for international development, IBG Global, established in 53 countries, as an Equity Partner. 

This allows her to intervene both upstream of the international development project, and in its implementation (go-to-market).

Previously COO and CFO in quoted international groups and under LBO, she has been the team leader for numerous transformations in challenging environments.

Her dual experience of operational management and consulting allows her to develop a pragmatic and flexible approach, based on the step-by-step improvement of practices and transferring know-how.

She has spent over a year on research and training to develop her approach, and to create trust-based partnerships.

She is also certified in evaluating leadership styles and values (Hogan) and in governance (ESSEC). She is a member of several networks of leaders, and of professional organizations in France. 

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